Britain’s Got Talent is to be edited and additional scenes of Amanda Holden filmed, to remove footage that shows her recent pregnancy. The TV judge tragically lost her baby last month and has requested that some scenes from the show are re-shot so she will not have to relive the experience, reports the Daily Mail.

Amanda, who was seven months pregnant when she lost her baby, will re-shoot scenes of her arrival at venues, where her bump was clearly visible.

“What Amanda has been through is horrendous, and to have to watch herself on TV looking pregnant would be very difficult to cope with,” a source from the show explained. “The production team thought the best way was to re-shoot some scenes and then slide them into the original footage.”

In the meantime, Amanda has thrown herself into work and told the Mail she’s been relying on the support of those closest to her. “To be honest, just being at home with family and friends is the best tonic, the best therapy. I’m doing lots of that,” she said.

The production team will use editing techniques to insert newly filmed scenes seamlessly into the pre-shot material.