Katie Price (finally) shares pic of her new baby

And the smitten mum-of-5 reveals her secret nickname for her newborn daughter


Katie Price has shared the most telling picture of her baby daughter yet.


In the tender shot, Katie kisses the newborn on the head.

OK, so she is still keeping her 2-week-old’s face covered, but she has revealed her daughter’s nickname…

“So in love with my runner bean. She is tiny, perfect and my miracle,” she tweeted.

Runner bean! Aww.


And it seems the mum-of-5 can’t wait to get going on her post-baby weight loss “mission”.

Katie shared a picture of the nutritious-looking smoothie she had for breakfast and her tasty lunch and said she’s already watching what she eats – but will wait 6 weeks to start training.

“Healthy lunch by Kieran’s nutritionist personal trainer Hayler, haha – although I’m not training yet. Got to wait 6 weeks,” she tweeted.

“If I can do it, anyone can :),” she added, alongside a series of pictures of her post-baby body.

“Not that I’m in any rush to get back to shape but eating healthy works for me:),” she wrote.

“When Kieran starts training me in 4 weeks time, I’m going to have the best body I’ve ever had wooo my mission,” she vowed.

Photos: Twitter / Katie Price

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