We love how Katie Price is never afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and tell it how it is - and her comments on yesterday's episode of Loose Women were no exception.


The panel were talking about how marriage and relationship break-ups affect children, and Pricey didn't hold back in voicing her thoughts on her split from Princess and Junior's dad, Peter Andre. Intriguingly, she said she never even wanted to split from Peter in the first place, saying that she "wanted to be with him" but that she hadn't ever had the opportunity to talk about their separation with him because "certain people got involved".

Her fellow panelist Gloria Hunniford asked her what she meant, to which Katie replied: "Certain people wouldn't allow it."

And in a statement that almost all separated parents can relate to, Katie went on to say that the break up "killed" her because she had to agree to only have her children for half the time because of their shared childcare agreement.

Katie added that while her and Peter would "be together now" if it wasn't for the afore-mentioned 'certain people', she went on to say that everything is now fine, and the children are happy.

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"'It doesn't matter now. The kids love Kieran and Emily and they get love from both of us."


Which is brilliant to hear - because as any separated parent knows, handing your kids over to your former love's new partner can be something of an ordeal... which brings us nicely to One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and his baby son, Freddie.

Pics have emerged today of doting dad Louis out with his bubba AND his new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell. And while Louis is looking every bit the proud father, broadly grinning as he lugs Freddie's car seat around, Danielle is looking less than chuffed.

Of course it could just be an unfortunate camera angle, but it has made us wonder just HOW this set up is working at an emotional level?

How does Freddie's mum, Briana Jungwirth, feel about her tiny baby being out with Louis' new lady, and from Danielle's point of view, how is she coping with sharing her beau with a demanding 3-month-old baby?

But whatever the ins and outs of it all, no doubt gorgeous little Freddie is super-thrilled with all the extra cuddles and attention he's getting - which of course is the important thing.

Pics: Twitter/LooseWomen, Instagram/LouisTomlinson

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