Katie Price: ‘Katie Hopkins can shove it!’

It's Katie vs Katie, as Price tells Hopkins she’s ‘ignorant’


Katie Price has attacked Katie Hopkins for saying “behind every fat child is a fat mum”.


Katie P’s son, Harvey, 11, suffers from – among other things – Prader-Willi Syndrome, which means he never feels full. And, in an interview with OK! magazine, Katie P says, “Katie Hopkins can shove it when she says there’s a fat parent behind every fat kid.

“That is such an ignorant view. I put her in the same category as Frankie Boyle. If either of them had to deal with the issues that Harvey does every day, they would curl up into a ball and give up.”

Katie Hopkins aired her controversial views on childhood obesity on This Morning.

Harvey, Katie Price’s son with footballer Dwight York, is registered blind, suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, autism, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder, which can make him aggressive. Katie has, apparently, lost count of the number of TVs Harvey has smashed, and he can’t be left alone with her three other children, Junior, 9, Princess, 7, and Jett Riviera, four months.

“I wish all those people who show ignorance about the disabled could spend a day with Harvey,” she says, “and see the reality of looking after a child like him.”

She told OK! that her other kids are protective of their brother. “They know how to handle his moods. It’s sweet because if any new kids come to the house, Junior and Princess are like: ‘This is my brother and he’s not normal like us. He’s got funny eyes and he can’t see properly.’ They protect him.

“[Harvey] will never do some things but, within his limits, he’ll have a fulfilling life and achieve more than many.”

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