How cute is this family pic? Deffo one for the Price-Hayler mantelpiece we reckon! It's not often that Katie shares pics of her entire brood together (and we dread to think of the bribery she probably had to enter into in order to get them all to sit still), so it's lovely to see just how much her five children have grown.


Katie's daughter by Peter Andre, Princess, obviously has her mum's modelling skills, doing her biggest and broadest grin to camera, while baby Bunny is still getting the hang of the posing game - not only is she attempting to grab her big brother Jett, but she is also missing a shoe!

Eldest son Harvey quite obviously adores his younger bro Junior, firmly holding on to him while Junior himself shows off his very Peter-Andre-esque good looks.

And despite the no doubt chaotic behind-the-scenes reality of the picture, Katie some how manages to not look a bit like a frazzled mum-of-five as she rocks a casual vibe in a pink tracksuit with Jett on her lap.

Her husband Kieran Hayler meanwhile looks every inch the proud dad, laying a protective arm around his stepdaughter Princess and showing off his pearly whites and his substantial wedding band.

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Katie captioned the family snap: 'My most prized collection #family', and shortly after shared another group shot, this time of the gang enjoying a splash in their pool.

In fact, Katie's Facebook page would suggest it's been something of an action packed summer for her and the kids, with happy images of them enjoying days out at Thorpe Park, back to school shopping and even bedroom make-overs and the acquisition of a new pet - a goat!

We can't help but wonder just HOW she does it though...

Picture: Katie Price/Facebook

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