Katie Price says she’s been through hell after spending 13 days on bed rest in a European hospital after her waters broke prematurely.


The 35-year-old, who is around 30 weeks pregnant, was rushed to hospital last week while on holiday. Her amniotic sac had burst.

She told The Sun: “I feel like I have been through hell in the past 13 days, but I just thank God I went to the hospital and got things under control. I would advise any pregnant mum to do the same.

“My baby was in danger, but between the medical staff here, and my doctor in London, I am in good hands and have to believe that all will be well.”

She had wanted to give birth naturally, but is now facing the very likely possibility that she will have her baby by Caesarean section abroad.

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“I don’t know what to expect from the next few days. I just want my baby out so I can meet it and hold it in my arms. I will feel much safer knowing it is out and in an incubator,” she said.

She explained her ordeal to The Sun: “My waters broke but I didn’t realise it because I haven’t experienced it with my other kids.

“My friend, who was with me on the trip, persuaded me to call my doctor in London. I described what was happening and he told me to get to a hospital fast. It was 1am.

“When we got inside we realised nobody spoke English. I was standing there saying, ‘Baby’, ‘Water’ and ‘Someone help me’ and the nurses were looking at us as if we were aliens.

“They took me to the maternity ward, plonked me on a bed, swabbed me and called a doctor in who said: ‘Positive!’

“I assumed he meant my waters had broken. I wasn’t expecting that. I phoned my doctor in London and luckily he can speak the language so he was able to communicate with the staff.”

She was with her husband, Kieran Hayler, 25. “They took me and Kieran into a small, basic room with white walls and a tiny bathroom. In the morning they said, ‘Up, up, we are very busy today’.

“The next thing I knew I was in a wheelchair going for a scan. It confirmed my worst nightmare - that the baby was at risk of infection.”

Her brother flew out to collect Katie’s three other children, Harvey, Junior and Princess, and took them back to the UK. Junior and Princess are due to go to Australia on holiday with their father, Peter Andre.

Katie is likely to remain in the hospital to have the baby because doctors told her it was only 80% safe for her to fly home. “I can’t risk harming my baby and told them I couldn’t go unless they could guarantee it was 100% safe.”

Katie has previously said that this, her fourth pregnancy, is her hardest yet.