Katie Price shares first pics of baby Bunny at home

Katie may be a mum-of-5, but she's been photographing her newest baby’s every move


Since she was born 7 weeks ago, Katie Price has kept little Bunny Hayler out of the spotlight. Well, apart from being on the front cover of OK! magazine last week.


But now Bunny’s first magazine cover is off the shelves, Katie is keen to give her fans a glimpse of the 7-week-old relaxing at home.

“My gorgeous Bunny,” she tweeted, as she started to share some of the photos she’s collected of her baby from her phone.

“So cute” and “perfect” she captioned other photos.

In this tender shot, Katie is enjoying a cuddle with her baby. “Love Bunnys cuddles,” she tweeted.

And Katie has revealed the birth of her beautiful daughter has brought her and husband Kieran Hayler closer together. The couple were on the brink of a divorce earlier this summer, when he allegedly cheated on her with a close friend.

“I think having this baby has made him realise what he missed out on with Jett,” Katie told OK Magazine. “He’s been really upset about that. It’s onwards and upwards now. Kieran’s changed and I still love him.”

Click through the gallery to see all Katie’s pics

Photos: Twitter / Katie Price

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