Katie Price shares picture of her ‘sleeping beauty’ baby

Katie tweets a snap of her little ‘Runner Bean’ snoozing soundly in her cot


Katie Price had shared a picture of her newborn baby daughter asleep in her cot.


And, though we can’t properly see her face among the pink, frilly cot trimmings, it’s the nearest we’ve got yet to seeing the 3-week-old baby girl.

Katie’s tucked her in with a pink rabbit that’s just visible under the cot’s canopy.

“My sleeping beauty love her x,” she tweeted.

Katie still hasn’t revealed what her new baby’s name is, but she has tweeted her sweet nickname – Runner Bean – earlier this week.


Over the last few weeks, Katie has been teasing us with glimpses of her newborn.

And we thought we’d finally been granted a glimpse of Runner Bean’s face when we saw this 2nd pic… but, when we took another look, we realised it’s actually a throw-back picture to when her 7-year-old daughter Princess was a baby.

“Love my Princess soooo much,” Katie tweeted.

Photos: Twitter / Katie Price

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