Katie Price slams maternity leave

Katie Price think maternity leave is an excuse for expecting mums to do nothing


Katie Price, the mum of three, 35, who is expecting her fourth baby, told Reveal magazine that she thinks that taking maternity leave before you are due is just an excuse to do nothing!


She said: “I think maternity leave before the baby is due is a load of rubbish. It’s just an excuse for ladies to do nothing.

“If you’re fit and healthy you should keep busy and the time goes quicker.”

Katie also revealed that she is not even taking maternity leave after the baby is born. She plans to take the baby everywhere with her just as she did with her other children.

She added: “I don’t work every day anyway, plus I do a lot of work from home, so I’m quite lucky.”

Katie’s schedule remains busy right up to the birth of baby number 4 with business trips to Australia and LA as well as book launch and a wedding dress launch!

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Did you take maternity leave before your baby was due?


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