Katie Price starts pregnancy rumours…about herself

Perez Hilton helps Katie Price spark stories she’s pregnant on Twitter…


Katie Price, 33, had everyone guessing if she was pregnant last night after sending a cryptic tweet to her Twitter followers.


Teasing that she’d heard some “interesting news”, Hollywood gossip blogger Perez Hilton tweeted back to the mum-come-model-come-businesswoman-come-novelist (oh, good grief!) asking if she was pregnant. Katie joined in with the joke saying, “your [sic] ‘the daddy’ perez [sic]”, before joking that magazines would start photo-shopping front pages.

Katie, who has three children, Princess, 4, Junior, 5, and Harvey, 9, recently tweeted that she’s godmother to Michelle Heaton’s new baby girl, Faith. The newly single star’s also been posting pics of herself on Twitter, claiming she’s feeling sexier than ever now she’s single and working out a lot more. Maybe that’s enough tweeting for now, Katie! 


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