Katy Perry talks babies and her parenting vision

Singer Katy Perry reveals what kind of mum she’ll be to her and Russell Brand's future children


Katy Perry has revealed she already knows what kind of mum she’s going to be, even though children with hubby Russell Brand are still in the distant future.


“Not yet,” Katy has said firmly on the topic of children. “I think if you’re married, it’s often in your future… I think in the future – the very far future – when I have children, I’ll have a more open approach, setting boundaries and showing them what their decisions and choices will breed,” she explained in an interview with InStyle magazine.

But when the babies actually arrive, it’s not always so easy to stick to your guns, as we well know! Celeb mum Myleene Klass admitted to MFM recently that, “I’m far stricter than I thought I’d be.”

Of course, Myleene’s not alone with that thought, though we also know a load of mums who are far more easy going (er, too tired to object!) than they expected! How does your parenting style shape up to the mum or dad you thought you’d be?

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