Soap fans will already know that EastEnders star Kellie Bright is expecting baby no 2.


The 40-year-old, who plays Walford legend Linda Carter on the hit show, is set to welcome a sibling for her 5-year-old son Freddy, with husband Paul Stocker, in November this year.

But for long-time ‘Enders viewers wondering how long Linda will be away from the square… you can rest assured that she’ll be back before you know it!

The actress revealed in a recent interview that she’ll be taking six months maternity leave before returning to work.

"I'll be on maternity leave for six months,” Kellie told InsideSoap magazine.

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“EastEnders were really flexible and left it entirely up to me.

“I didn't want to be away forever but I also wanted enough time at home to enjoy my new baby."

Here here, we say.

There’s nothing wrong with heading straight back to work if that’s what you fancy - or that’s what you need to do - but it’s also nice that Kellie can take a bit of time (certainly not a huge amount of time) to spend with her newborn.

Of course, celebs and even many of us regular folk are fortunate to have maternity leave at all - as some soon-to-be parents just don’t have the option available.

Kellie first announced her pregnancy in May, and has been rocking A+ summer maternity style ever since.

Here’s hoping Kellie enjoys those new mum months!

What do you think?

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