Kelly Brook opens up about her unexpected pregnancy

Model mum-to-be can’t wait to look like a “huge whale”

After just three months of dating, Kelly Brook’s romance with former rugby player Thom Evans, 26, took a surprising turn, when Kelly announced she was pregnant last month. She’s now been speaking about how she’s been coping with her unplanned pregnancy.


“That’s what happens when you’re in love. You surrender to whatever is to be. It wasn’t a plan, but if it happened, it happened. We were boyfriend and girlfriend,” Kelly said, adding that she wouldn’t change her situation for the world.

“I immediately felt Thom was the one, and I’ve never felt that before. This baby isn’t the result of me suddenly becoming broody because I’ve hit my 30s. It’s simply that I have met someone that I’m happy to share that responsibility with,” Kelly revealed to Hello! Magazine.

Model, Kelly, 31, is enjoying her changing body but can’t wait to look a little more pregnant with her baby girl.

“It takes some getting used to. I would like it to show more actually. At the moment I just look as if I have eaten a big bowl of pasta. I’m looking forward to looking like a huge whale in a couple of months,” Kelly admitted.

Like Kelly and Thom, was your pregnancy a happy surprise?


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