Kelly Osbourne shares a picture of her niece, Pearl

The reality TV star was babysitting for brother, Jack Osbourne, this weekend


Kelly Osbourne shared a cute photo of her niece, Pearl, this weekend. She was having a “playdate” with her brother Jack Osbourne’s 15-month old daughter.


Famous for spoiling her niece, a few months ago Kelly said she had been banned from buying her presents.

“I promised Jack I wouldn’t spoil her so I have to run everything past him. We’ll see how long that lasts,” she said.

She also said she finds Jack’s role as a father inspirational. “Nothing makes me more proud of Jack. I feel like I’ve watched my little baby brother turn into a man overnight.

“I’ve always been very protective of him but his wife Lisa is the first girl he’s dated where I’ve been like, ‘Oh my God, I love you.’ And we’re a bigger family now. What could be better?”

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