Kendra: ‘Absolutely no pink for my daughter’

As M&S pledges to make its toys gender-neutral, US celeb hits out at girlie gear


Model and US reality-TV star Kendra Wilkinson is expecting a baby girl next year – and is adamant her daughter won’t be wearing pink.


“Absolutely no pink! I don’t want to shove pink in my little girl’s face” she told OK! magazine, “I don’t want to do that to her.”

Kendra is married to US football player Hank Baskett, and she also has a 4-year-old son. The pair plan to ban their little girl from playing with dolls, too.

“No dolls! Never,” she said. “I never played with dolls. I don’t understand why baby girls play with baby dolls. Why? Are we setting them up to have a baby?”

Kendra is well-known for being a sporty tomboy and clearly wants her baby to be a mini-me. “Unisex is the way to go this time around,” she said. “We’re going to do something where she is not being pushed to just be one way.

“[Hank] agrees with me on the no-pink thing, but he did say she is going to be his little princess.”

Kendra isn’t the only one who is sick of gender-specific toys for boys and girls, its seems. After customer complaints, Marks and Spencer has announced an end to its range of Boys’ Stuff and Little Miss Arty toys. The retailer has agreed to change its toy packaging and make it gender-neutral in future.

If you’re a parent of a girl who’s fed up of pink, plastic toys for girls, check out this video from the Upworthy.

Or maybe you think it’s all a lot of fuss about nothing? Please do post a comment and let us know your views.

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