How refreshing to see a post-baby body that actually looks like a post-baby body.


Kerry Katona only gave birth to her daughter Dylan-Jorge Rose 5 weeks ago and is already confidently back in her bright pink bikini. Good on you Kerry!

The 33-year-old is clearly enjoying some relaxing time after her traumatic birth experience.

She revealed just how touch and go the birth had been, for both baby and mum, in an emotional interview on This Morning.

Kerry had realised something was wrong when Dylan-Jorge was placed on her chest immediately after birth.

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Dylan-Jorge had stopped breathing and a crash team rushed in to revive her. Kerry also then suffered huge blood loss after problems delivering her placenta.

Thankfully both Kerry and Dylan-Jorge have fully recovered.

But there is one part of her appearance that Kerry is slightly concerned about - her hair!

She tweeted: "Hate the fact my hair is falling out soooo much since I've had the baby!! #worried"

"Can't have my hair down as it's all snapped on top and makes me look like gizmo from the gremlins!! Not a good look!!" she added.

Well, we can reassure Kerry that changes to your hair texture are completely normal during and after pregnancy, and while for some mums it can mean thicker hair, for others it can result in hair loss.



MadeForMums Writer - Jessica Gibb