Kids desperate for the same toys you wish you’d had this Christmas

Retro toys still make it onto children’s wish lists


Remember that toy you really wanted Santa to bring you and he never did – well your kids want it too! Is it time to break the disappointment cycle, or will your kids also reminisce about that gift the big guy in the red suit never brought them?


Toys go in and out of fashion but 24% of 3,000 adults said Mr Frosty was the toy they always wanted but never got, according to a survery carried out by

Mr Frosty might not be on the radar for most kids this year but old school toys like Lego, Scalextric, Game Boy and remote controlled cars are still top of kids’ wish lists this year. You only need to peek at our Christmas gift guides to see that wooden toys, Disney twists on classic toys and board games still get kids excited at Christmas.

Will Santa ever get the message or will your kids be looking back in years to come bemoaning the fact that they never got that Let’s Rock Elmo toy?

Have your kids asked for something that you’d always wanted too? Let us know…


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