Kids wish their parents were more like Beyonce!

New survey reveals the jobs children wish their parents really had – including popstar and footballer


Ever dreamt of being the next Beyonce or Kelly Holmes? Well it looks like your children wish you were too!


Over 600 young children were asked what they wished their parents did for a living and unsurprisingly, conventional careers didn’t make the cut.

A quarter of children wished that their parents were popstars, while nearly 30% wished their parents were spies or detectives such as Sherlock Holmes.

Olympic Athlete, Prime Minister and Footballer also made the top-five list of dream jobs.

“The results of this research demonstrate the significant role creativity and imagination plays in young children,” was the rather creative explanation from Jamie Dickinson, Marketing Manager for Playmobil, who conducted the survey. “They are being inspired by everything from their favourite TV programme, the goings-on at Downing Street, and even the toys they play with.” Perhaps fame and wealth also played a part…

While kids were quick to wish their parents were more exciting, mums and dads said they would support their children whatever career they choose.

Playmobil announced the results at the London Toy Fair last week. MadeForMums were also there – don’t forget to check out our top new toy trends for 2012.

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