The one parenting question Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson WON’T answer

Actor Kieron and husband Carl shut down the 'unfair' query live on TV...


In a live interview on This Morning, Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson was quick to dodge an “unfair” parenting question.


The 31-year-old actor, who recently welcomed twins Chase and Phoebe, was there promoting his new documentary about his journey to fatherhood, alongside husband Carl Hyland.

And talking about the couple’s experience of surrogacy, This Morning’s Friday host Ruth Langsford dropped the Q:

“Obviously you went with IVF, and you both donated sperm. But do you know which of you gave the sperm that made the twins?”

Before she could even finish, Kieron smiled and interjected:

“This is one of the most obvious questions people ask, but we don’t tell people.

“Our best friends are lesbian and it’s quite obvious who carried those children, but they have a tough time in the street when people go: ‘Who’s the mum?’

“They go: ‘We both are’. Then [the person] goes: ‘No, who’s REALLY the mother?’

“I think it’s an unfair question really because they are both the mum.”

Hubby Carl added: “It’s irrelevant for us. It’s not something we’re that bothered about, so why should other people be?”

All we can really add to that is: ?????

On the back of the well-handled, potentially awkward interview moment, Ruth asked the couple what advice they’d give to same-sex couples going down the surrogacy/IVF route. Naturally, Kieron was 100% for it.

“Who you go to bed with at nighttime shouldn’t determine whether or not you get to be a parent. That’s ridiculous.”


Images: Instagram/Kieron Richardson

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