Kim Kardashian shares picture of baby North

New photo of Kim and Kanye’s four-month-old daughter


Kim Kardashian, 32, posted a picture of North on Instagram before she left for Paris with Kanye West.


The image shows the four-month-old swaddled in a white blanket. “I missed waking up with my little [one],” Kim wrote on the picture caption.

While in Paris, Kim shared pics that designers gifted Nori.

Baby North, whom we think has her mum’s eyes, was born slightly prematurely in June this year. Up until now, Kim and Kanye had only released one picture of her.

“To me it’s such a blessing, and I feel like it’s going to give me the stability that I need to really create and really do God’s work in the way I should,” Kanye West has said of little Nori.

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