While fans of Kim Kardashian-West’s Snapchat stories are used to seeing inside her world – we bet no one was expecting to see what she posted on Friday.


Usually, Kim posts vids of her 2-year-old daughter North (or ‘Northie’ as she affectionately calls her), pulling silly faces, getting her make-up done, going on a hike or heading to work. But not this time.

Her latest posts took us on her journey from ‘panic attack’ to ‘not pregnant’ in a series of pics and video messages - all while on a flight.

The first pic showed three pregnancy tests with the words 'Panic attack' underneath. This was followed by a video, in which Kim explained what was going on to her millions of fans.

“I’m in the bathroom on a plane about to take a pregnancy test… because I’m having a little bit of a scare,” she confessed. “No big deal.”

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The final pic, however, showed that North and 6-month-old Saint West aren’t expecting a new sibling anytime soon, with a 'not pregnant' result on one of the tests.

Now, let’s be honest - Kim’s mini scare is pretty relatable. But not on Snapchat. To millions.

Whether you’re hoping for your first, a sibling for your little one, or aren’t planning to get pregnant just now – a missed period or a funny feeling in your stomach can send you into a complete tailspin of excitement and nerves… and on a trip to buy a test pack.

What should you do if – like Kim – you think you might be pregnant?

Our MFM mums and experts have identified 39 early pregnancy symptoms that you may or may not experience at the very beginning of your pregnancy - often before you miss your period..

The best way to know if you're pregnant is to take a home test. But, as we revealed in our #WaitToWee campaign, you need to know when's the best time to take your test. Using early pregnancy tests as early as advertised, can give you inaccurate or false results. If you want to absolutely trust your pregnancy test, wait until your period is due.

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Images: Snapchat/Kim Kardashian

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