Kim Kardashian teaches North a lesson about her baby brother

Kim and Kanye are getting in quick to stop any potential sibling rivalry!


Kim Kardashian has revealed she and hubby Kanye are preparing daughter North for the arrival of her little brother – but admit they don’t know if the toddler really has a handle on just how her world is going to be turned upside down!


Speaking to reporters at the MailOnline yacht party in Cannes, pregnant Kim said she and Kanye have been reading books about being a big sister to North, in an attempt to get her to understand what’s going to be happening in a few months time!

Despite all their groundwork – and check out how seriously Kanye is taking reading that book – Kim told reporters: “I don’t know if North really understands she’s getting a baby brother yet.”  

“We read books at night with stories about big sisters, and baby brothers, families,” she added.

She also said that she’s planning on taking advice from her own siblings when it comes to introducing North to the new baby: “I’m sure she’ll come to the hospital and meet him, that’s what Kourtney did with her kids so I’ll take advice from her,” she said. 

Kim Kardashian latex maternity dress

Kim also mentioned her maternity wardrobe at the event, and said she was going to wear a more simple range of outfits with this pregnancy – so does that mean no repeats of the latex outfit she worse just a few weeks ago?  

“When I wore my latex dress I just knew it fit me and I knew I probably only had a couple of weeks left before I couldn’t wear it for a good year – and I’d never worn it so I wanted to get use out of it.,”she said, before adding she thought that ‘tighter clothes look better and more slimming’ and that she was going to wear ‘thin coats all summer to conceal my big arms’. 

Aw, we think you look great Kim – and it’s your bump we’re all going to be looking at, not your arms! 

Photos: Kim Kardashian/Instagram 

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