Kim Kardashian’s breastfeeding rant on Twitter

The US socialite voices her upset after woman breastfeeds and changes nappy on a table next to her at restaurant

As auntie to 5-month-old nephew Mason, you’d think that reality TV star Kim Kardashian would be used to dirty baby nappies and breastfeeding. However, the 29-year-old was outraged while out dining when she came across both at the same time.


“Eww I’m at lunch and the woman at the next table is breastfeeding her baby with no cover up. Then she puts the baby on the table and changes her diaper!” Kim ranted on Twitter.

However, she later took her breastfeeding comment back and insisted it was the nappy changing that made her more upset. “Misunderstood tweet. The woman had her boobs out at restaurant and then laid her on the table with food nearby. Unsanitary.”


Kim also revealed that she had no problem with women breastfeeding – just cover yourself up! “My sister breastfeeds and it’s a natural, beautiful thing but she covers herself up and doesn’t expose her boobs.”


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