She might only be 5 months pregnant, but Kimberley Walsh’s Girls Aloud bandmates Nicola Roberts and Cheryl Cole are already hitting the shops for baby-sized gifts.


So much so, in fact, that Kimberley is talking about having to "rein them in".

"Nicola said in an interview that she cannot wait for me to have the baby, so her and Cheryl can go crazy buying presents," Kimberley told OK! magazine. "They've actually started already, even though I've told them I don't want any clothes until the baby's born."

Kimberley says her bandmates already feel like her baby-to-be's unofficial aunties.

"It's sweet that they're so excited," she said. "We grew up together, and we're such good friends that they'll feel like aunties."

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But, despite her popstar lifestyle, Kimberley is determined her baby isn’t going to be spoilt.

"It's going to get so much love, but I'm going to make sure my baby's not spoilt," she said. "My upbringing was very different to the life I have now, so I'll keep things down to earth."

To make sure that happens, Kimberley said she "might have to rein in" Cheryl and Nicola.

"Perhaps it's a good thing I don't know the sex," she added. "They can't buy as much!"

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MadeForMums Writer - Jessica Gibb