Kimberley Walsh: ‘My struggle to breastfeed’

New mum Kimberley Walsh says she found it difficult and 'distressing' to get the hang of breastfeeding


New mum Kimberley Walsh star has said she found breastfeeding her baby son Bobby difficult – and, although she’s ‘cracked it’ now, it was a shock to find out what a struggle it could be at first.


The Girls Aloud star, who gave birth to Bobby on September 4th, told OK! magazine she’d thought breastfeeding her little boy would just come naturally and be “the easiest thing in the world”.

But, after quite a struggle to establish breastfeeding, she’s said she’s realised how hard it can be for new mums and their babies – and how upsetting it can be to discover it’s not always as easy as you might have been told.

“It can be quite distressing when it’s not working,” Kimberley said. Admitting that she thought, at first, it was something to do with her, she says she was relieved to find out, eventually, that many new mums find breastfeeding a struggle in the early weeks.

“It’s only when you speak to other people who tell you they also found it painful and hard,” she said, “that you realise it’s not just you”.

Thankfully for Kimberley, though, she’s got the hang of feeding 1-month-old Bobby now: “We’ve definitely cracked it – and it continually gets easier.”

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