It seems like only yesterday Kimberley Walsh and hubby Justin Scott announced they were expecting a sibling for 23-month-old Bobby.


But the longtime couple actually revealed they were expecting their 2nd to Hello back in June.

Where does the time go, eh? ?

During her chat with the mag, Kimberley revealed something we found really interesting: the fact she just ‘knew’ she was expecting.

"Before I had even taken a test, I knew it instinctively. I wasn't suffering from morning sickness but tell-tale changes in my body made me certain I was expecting,” she explained.

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“When I took a home test early one morning to make sure, it confirmed what I'd already sensed. I was thrilled.

“The first thing I did was to wake up Justin and tell him, 'You're going to be a daddy again!'"

Hmmm… very interesting. Many mums-to-be say they can just ‘tell’ they’re expecting before they’ve even taken a test.

They might be noticing a few early pregnancy signs and symptoms but some of us just have a gut feeling.

Can’t argue with what she’s saying - as she was obviously right! And the Girls Aloud alum has the brand new bump snaps to prove it ?

Kimberley recently took to Instagram to share two pics showcasing her growing bump…

Naturally, her fans were quick to notice just how fab she looks. And we’d love to get our hands on that gorgeous black dress!

No word yet on Kimberley’s due date, or whether Bobby can expect a little bro or sis. But she did take to Twitter to let us know her baby was a strong kicker ?

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Images: Instagram/Kimberley Walsh

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