Kimberley Walsh’s first Christmas with fiance and baby but no stepdaughter

Kimberley faces the age-old dilemma - which family do you spend Christmas with?


Kimberley Walsh might have been in a relationship with her baby’s dad Justin for 11 years – but this is the first Christmas they’ll actually spend together! The Girls Aloud singer explains that he usually spends the festive season with his daughter Chloe . But this year he’s staying home to enjoy Christmas with Kimberley and their baby Bobby.


“It’ll actually be the first Christmas Day Justin and I have together in 11 years,” Kimberley wrote in her OK! magazine column. “He’s always travelled to Bristol to see his daughter Chloe. This year’s different as Bobby’s here so we want to be together as a family.

“Justin takes it in turns to have Chloe so unfortunately she won’t be with us – Bobs will miss his big sister.”

It’s a similar family situation to the one Peter Andre is facing this Christmas, which means he won’t be with two of his children on Christmas Day. 

The 33-year-old is looking forward to some time off over Christmas as she’s been busy working on a weekly fashion shot on ITV’s This Morning.

Posting a selfie with 3–month-old baby Bobby, Kimberley was glad to be home from work. “So happy to be back home with my little munchkin I actually missed the smell of baby sick,” she tweeted.

Have a lovely first Christmas together!

Photos: Twitter / Kimberley Walsh

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