When we first saw Kourtney Kardashian’s latest mum-daughter selfie, we had a feeling it might stir up some controversy.


The picture, shared to Kourtney’s Instagram, features her 4-year-old daughter Penelope sporting a lip ring.

Beside the image, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wrote:

"Our Oscar Sunday. Yes, that's a lip ring. Thanks @kimkardashian”

Though the backlash wasn’t immediate, it transpired that countless fans were not impressed with Auntie Kim’s influence and mum Kourt’s decision.

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And they certainly took to the comment section to let her know about it...

"That is ridiculous! Why? This is not NORMAL! ?” wrote one.

"Irresponsible she is only 4 and u made her pierced her lip? Poor little girl!” another added.

While another remarked: “Does anybody feel she is too young to have a real piercing? Hopefully is not real #toolittletofeelpain."

On the other hand, fans who jumped to Kourtney’s defence pointed out that there’s no evidence of an actual lip piercing in the pic - it could just be a false one.

(Which, to be fair, is true - you really can’t tell).

"Of course it's not real You dumbarses! Jeepers. It ain't bad parenting, children go through trends! Wether they're at primary or college wether they're at Kindy or at home!” one commenter exclaimed.

"Such is life! Just because she is a celebrity y'all always got too throw something negative out there! Faaaarrrrk off lol! People love to ruin a good post!”

And finally, some were even not so sure about a clip-on lip ring in the first place…

“Adorable. But beware of those things (I’m assuming it’s magnetic) will f*** up her teeth if worn too long.”

Hmm… *does a very small sigh* ?

What do you think of all this?

Does your little one like experimenting with (fake or otherwise) jewellery or piercings? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

Images: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian

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