Kylie Minogue always comes over as if she'd be pretty much the nicest celeb you could ever hope to meet (and we have it on good authority, from the former MTV presenter husband of one of our team members, that she really is super-nice in real life).


Which made it all the more sad and shocking when Kyle announced, back in 2005, that she had breast cancer aged 36 – and all the more delightful when she made a full recovery.

But her recovery came at a cost. And the singer has had to come to terms with the fact she might not conceive naturally after the treatment she received.

And now the pop princess has found love with Brit actor Joshua Sasse, it seems almost inevitable that thoughts will turn to whether the couple will consider having a family. But, says Kylie, having children is a "different kettle of fish" at her age and in her particular health circumstances.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, and responding after the suggestion of adoption came up, Kylie said:

"Trust me, there’s a point when the next person who says, ‘Well, there are many options,’ you want to scream...

“It is marvellous that there are options. But when you are dealing with other stuff and things that you took for granted are taken away from you, it is like, yes, there are options, but…


“I guess you have those visions of... God, what would my child look like, be it a boy or a girl? What would I see of myself in them? That’s saddening, but I’ve thought about it for a long time and I’ve had to face that for a long time.”

Wow, there really is some food for thought there. And Kylie has been through sooooo much.

She's spoken before about hoping to start a family – when she was with previous partner Andres Velencoso, and admits she 'adores' her 3 nephews.

But just what's around the corner only time will tell, right?

We only hope Kylie finds all the happiness she deserves with her new love, in whatever way works for them ?

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