Kym Marsh has revealed she believes that her 5-year-old daughter Polly was visited by the ghost of her brother Archie - the baby boy Kym tragically lost 2 years before her daughter's birth.


The Coronation Street actress spoke about the supernatural experience on Monday's episode of the ITV show Loose Women, where she appeared with her eldest daughter, Emilie Cunliffe.

Talking to panelists Coleen Nolan, Nadia Sawalha and Jamelia, Kym said that what she believes to be Archie's ghost came to the family 7 years after he passed away.

"Every February, on the anniversary, we light candles and send balloons. This year, we were eating dinner and we could hear jumping coming from Polly's bedroom," she said.

"We went up and she was asleep. We came back down and we heard the jumping again, but she was definitely asleep.

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"My son David, said: 'Mum! Look!' and the chandelier was shaking like someone was jumping above it.

"Then we could hear a child crying and I went upstairs and Polly was still asleep. It was not Polly. David's eyes were on stalks."

"We realised it was Archie's birth minute and there was no other possible explanation," Kym told the show's audience.

Nadia Sawalha asked her if the experience had scared or worried her, but Kym said that it was "a bit weird but I felt comfort from it".

"I thought, this is Archie coming to say hello and that he's OK," she added.

Kym's little boy died after she went into premature labour 21 weeks into her pregnancy in 2009.

The actress was given a stitch in the neck of her womb to try and preserve the pregnancy for as long as possible, but it didn't help, and Archie was born, but died just minutes later.

Writing about the experience in her autobiography, From the Heart, devastated Kym revealed that "with one final push Archie arrived into the world.

"He tried to take a breath and then he passed away." She said Archie was "tiny but perfect. I thought my heart would break".

Archie was Kym's first baby with her then partner Jamie Lomas. The pair went on to have daughter Polly in 2011, before splitting and filing for divorce in October 2013.

Kym also has two older children, Emilie, 18, and David, 20 from a previous relationship.

Wow, what an experience for Kym and her family - but lovely that she has taken so much comfort from it.

Photo: Kym Marsh/Twitter

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