Kym Marsh talks about her stillbirth sadness in new book

Coronation Street actress recalls emotional moments of the tragic loss of her son Archie Jay in 2009


Coronation Street star Kym Marsh has spoken in detail about her tragic stillbirth to son Archie for the first time, in her new book, From The Heart.


Recalling the terrifying moment when she went into a premature labour at just 21 weeks, brave Kym has written an honest and emotional account of her and fiancé Jamie Lomas’ sad experience.

“Jamie had written our son a card saying, ‘I love you, from Daddy.’ We were both so desperate for our baby to make it. I was willing for our baby to survive. ‘Please live, please live,’ I kept thinking. This baby was so wanted and I couldn’t let him go.”

After Kym’s waters broke, she was given stitches in the neck of her womb. However, doctors were unable to stop her going into premature labour and tragically Archie died within minutes of being born. “With one final push Archie arrived into the world. He tried to take a breath and then he passed away.”

Archie was then handed to Kym and Jamie to say goodbye. “He was tiny but perfect. I thought my heart would break.”

After the sadness of losing their son, Kym and Jamie managed to smile again when they announced that Kym was pregnant with their second child in 2010.

After having stitches in the neck of her womb again, Kym carried this baby until 33 weeks, and went on to give birth to a healthy baby girl in 2011. They named her Polly and Kym revealed, “The day we brought Polly home was the one of the happiest days of my life.”

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