Latest celebrity baby names shunned by mums

New parents decide to stick to tradition when it comes to naming their children


Celebrity baby names are getting more and more, erm, interesting! Latest registrations include, of course, Harper Seven, but also Aleph, Bingham, and Morocco

However, it appears that the more creative celebrity baby names are becoming, the less inspiring they are to the average parents.


A survey of over 900 parents by Computershare Voucher Services (CVS), has found that of the parents questioned, most are shunning made up and celebrity names, preferring instead to stick with tradition by naming their child after a member of the family.

Only 4% said they named their child after a celebrity or famous sporting figure, just 6% opted for a made up name, and 4% chose to follow in the Beckham’s footsteps and name their child after a location.

In contrast, 27% say they named their child after a family member and 20% sought inspiration from a baby book to find the perfect name.

The register – celebrity baby names hitting the headlines

  • American actress Natalie Portman recently named her new son Aleph after the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  • Kate Hudson announced the arrival of Bingham Hawn Bellamy on July 9
  • Pop star Pink has opted to name her daughter Willow Sage
  • Singer Mariah Carey recently revealed the names of her new born twins as Monroe and Morocco
  • Gwen Stefani’s children are Kingston and Zuma
  • Nicole Ritchie’s two are called Sparrow James Midnight and Harlow Winter Kate
  • The best of British, Jamie Oliver and wife Jules, have stayed with nature for their four children, Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy Bear.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose Apple for their eldest child

More unusual decisions include naming a child after a music track, taking the name of a famous painter of cats, and for a pair of teachers – avoiding the name of any child they had taught in the past! So it will be interesting to see what Mel B and Lily Allen take as their inspiration.
Julian Foster, managing director of CVS, said: “Parents can agonise for weeks about choosing the perfect name for their new child. However, unlike many celebrity parents, we’ve found that most prefer to take inspiration from the names of grandparents and other family members. This may go some way to explain why names like Jack and Sophie continue to be amongst the most popular year after year.”

“As the largest childcare voucher provider in the UK we work with thousands of parents and their children, we’ve definitely seen a shift towards more unusual names in recent years. So who knows, maybe we’ll see a Prime Minister Cruz or Queen Sparrow one day.”

Computershare Voucher Services is the largest dedicated childcare voucher provider, handling childcare vouchers for over 100,000 working parents every month, via 12,000 organisations.


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