When we’re expecting, we can all agree that our number one hope, wish, prayer and dream is that our unborn little ones are healthy ?


But at around the 20-week mark, many of us get the chance to find out whether our bundle of joy will be a boy or a girl – which can be a big revelation for those of us who have a preference.

For others, the sex is simply a nice discovery on the day of the birth – because you just don’t mind whichever way it goes!

Big Brother star and actress Laura Carter, who’s in her 38th week of pregnancy at the time of writing, chose to find out ASAP – in order to help her connect to her bump.

“Yeah, I’m having a boy,” she told MadeForMums in a chat at our London HQ. “I think it’s a surprise whether you find on the day or whether you find out at your scan. It’s always going to be a surprise.

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“For me and my boyfriend, we just wanted to know so we could get excited about buying the products, buying the baby clothes.

“I think I personally have felt more of a bond. I’ve been able to bond with him. If I’d have left it, I’m not sure whether I would have bonded with him as much.

“I was desperate [to know]. I always knew he was going to be a boy, my gut instinct told me it was gonna be a boy. [My boyfriend] thought he was gonna be a girl, so we’ve had our names right from the get-go.

“So, you know, I’ve been calling him his name which has helped me bond even more.”

It’s totally each to their own, where it comes to how you bond with your bump – but one MFM writer admits that she needed to find out to help her bond too. She found it especially helpful to call her unborn daughter “she”.

But we also know some mums - like Sugababe Heidi Range - come up with a totally unrelated, ungendered nickname to help them feel a special connection with their bump.

For Laura, she was keen to use her beloved boys’ name selection as soon as poss. She added:

“I always had a name in mind, but it’s a modern version of the name I always had in my mind, an older name.

“[My boyfriend] didn’t like it straight away. He didn’t really like it and was a bit like, ‘hmmm not sure about that’ and I said, ‘no, honestly, it’s a really cool name for a guy’.”

Only a couple weeks to go 'til we find out what it is… but in the mean time, we’d love to know if you decided to find out your baby’s sex, and if you think knowing the sex helped you to bond with your bump?

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Images: Instagram/Laura Carter

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