Lego invents slippers to stop mums painfully stepping on their bricks

A little extra padding goes a long way when it comes to those pesky bricks


Have you ever got up in the middle of the night to soothe your child’s nightmare when… OWCH!


What on earth was that?! Oh, Lego. Of course – because those little bricks get absolutely everywhere.

Well now the makers of those painful bricks have come up with a solution: special slippers that will let you walk around your home safely.


The extra-padded slippers are designed to protect parents’ feet from the bricks that will no doubt be strewn everywhere come Christmas.

OK, so they’re a bit of a gimmick – they’re only making 1,500 pairs to give away randomly to entries on their French website. But what a good idea!

Our solution? Wear padded slippers at ALL times.

Photo: Piwee

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