LEGO is top hand-me-down toy

Parents most likely to give their childhood LEGO toys to their own children


Forget about shelling out on fancy new toys, this Christmas, it seems old favourites still cut it. In a poll by Disney, 23% of parents admitted giving their children the LEGO that they played with as kids.


Other popular toys that parents hand down to their children included teddy bears, Rubik’s cubes, Barbie dolls and Matchbox cars.

“Toy treasures are such a big part of British heritage and it’s great to see that we still carry such a sentimental attachment to our childhood favorites,” said the managing editor of Toy News, Ronnie Dungan.

But there are still some toys we won’t give up. The average British parent still owns three of their own childhood toys.


Have you given your children any of your old favourites or are you still clinging on to your old treasures?

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