Edible Santa boots - yum!
Gorgeous Christmas trees with the Harrods stamp
THAT £40k diamante doggie...
Shoes really do grow on trees in Harrods...

Ahh Harrods. The place where the rich can splash the cash and where shoes really grow on trees... (we're not making that bit up, check out the gallery down below!)


MFM got into the Christmas spirit (again!) and made our way to the historic emerald shopping haven to feast our eyes and bellies on the upcoming festive collections from Harrods.

Greeted by a snow-filled land of gorgeously decorated Christmas trees, the smell of delicious food and the glint of Swarovski diamond clad goodies, December 25th had definitely arrived early!

We loved the toys on offer this year, with the cuddly bear and rabbit iPod speakers being a fave. We were also loving the Moshi telephone receivers, which can be plugged into your iPhone, as well as the witchy-poo broomstick and cool moving postcard game that come with it - very Harry Potter! We also really liked the quirky advent calendars, iconic building mirror holders and the Monopoly crackers. Talking of crackers...

This year, Harrods have gone all out on extravagant crimbo crackers. Now, we know Harrods aren't renowned for doing things on the cheap, but £2,000 for a cracker? You'd have to be crackers! We were impressed with the gifts inside though.... an iPod Touch, a diamond ring, plenty of jewels, to name a few. It beats a bad joke and plastic toy...

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We then moved along to the food. Ummmm food. You know MFM love our grub, so you can imagine our delight when we set eyes on the delicious food options coming this Christmas. Think mini marshmellow Christmas trees, champagne truffles, edible chocolate Santa boots, bite-sized pastries and chocolate coated, well, pretty much everything!

Washed down with some Elderflower juice, we were ready to see the brand new Swarovski range exclusively for Harrods. Think beauty, fashion, SHOES, perfume and handbags all coated in the all important bling. Each item in the limited collection range is specially decorated with Swarovski diamonds - on anything from Benefit make-up kits and compact mirrors, all the way to crystalised shoes, jewellery and even chocolates!

Now while we're on the subject of diamonds, we came across two AMAZING diamond coated animals that would definitely had made it onto the Christmas list - until we saw the price that is! We know Harrods wouldn't be Harrods without an OTT gift, but we couldn't believe it when we were told that the cute diamante Chihuahua cosst £40k. Yes, that's £40,000. Well, on the plus side, at least it doesn't smell like a real dog...

Harrods come up trumps with their stunning Christmas tree decorations but there was one decorative extra we especially liked was the shoes. OK, OK so we know shoes don't literally grow on trees, but whilst in the Harrods winter wonderland, we wanted to imagine they do! Showcasing lust-worthy shoes you'd sell your granny for, we also spied gorgeous party dresses and accessories perfect for the Christmas season.


Check out our gallery below of all the other festive goodies we saw!