MFM readers share their favourite sandwiches
Making you hungry?

From tasty cheese, ham and prawn cocktail fillings, to lashings of pickle, peanut butter and marmite - everyone has their favourite sandwich.


The British Sandwich Association celebrates every sandwich and even has a fancy awards ceremony with 'Sandwich Designer of the Year' being the one to beat. The BSA announced that there had been a 2% rise in sandwich sales this year, and little wonder - forget curry, the sandwich is the nation's favourite food!

To celebrate National Sandwich Week last week, we asked our faithful (and hungry!) readers what floats their boat when it comes to the ultimate sarnie. Prepare yourself for a taste-bud explosion!

WARNING - Before you read this post you might want to make sure that you've had your breakfast, lunch or dinner, as the sandwiches you are about to hear about WILL make you hungry! (or slightly queasy...)

"It's got to be cheese spread on one side and chocolate spread on the other," says MFM user Lucy Rose Charmaine McCluskey. "WITH prawn cocktail crisps on the side - Yum!"

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My favourite is bannana and marmite on white bread - or tuna, hummous, jalapeno chillis and gherkin on a seeded bagle," says MFM user George Everett.

"My grandad used to feed me wacky but my favourite sandwich ever - KitKat or Penguin sandwiches or another fave, jam and sugar - sugar calorific!" MFM user Claire Brown told us.

And for those with a sweet tooth... "A brioche loaf, butter the insides and fill with egg and milk custard, made with cinnamon and plenty of saltanas. Top with toasted crumbs and you have a bread and butter pudding sandwich!" says MFM user Diana Cotter.

Or just the simple pleasures! "Mmmm chip butty where the chips are so hot they melt the butter and the vinegar makes your eyes water," MFM user Zoe Cole tells us.

"My favourite is cheese, cherry tomatoes and red onion on white bread. But instead of butter, I spread one slice with pesto and one with a thin layer of mayonaise," says MFM user Annwen Ackroyd.

And then there are those which are best left alone... "This isn't my favourite, but I know someone who loves potted beef and gravy granuals on white bread - microwaved!" shares Mel Matthews.


Now, don't know about you, but we're off to make a sandwich!