Liam quits booze for his boys

Oasis singer credits his sons for curbing his partying days

Once known for hell raising nights out and punch ups with photographers, Liam Gallagher has hung up his party shoes for nights in with his boys, 10 year old Lennon and 8 year old Gene, admitting he couldn’t cope with family life with a hangover.


“I’ve knocked all that on the head since last November. I’ll have a drink now and again, but not for the time being, I’m having a rest,” the 37 year old told Live magazine.

“It doesn’t work with kids. You wake up the next day after a session and you’re looking for bits of your kids homework and football boots. You’re all over the place and it’s rubbish,” the singer continued.


Admitting he loves being a dad, Liam is also a regular feature on the school run, saying dropping them off really sorts his head out of a morning!

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