Lib Dem leader rejects Gina Ford’s advice

Nick Clegg opts for his own parenting style after testing out the queen of routine’s methods


Liberal Democrat leader and dad of three, Nick Clegg, has described best-selling baby author Gina Ford’s methods as “absolute nonsense”.


Dad to Antonio, 8, Alberto, 5, and Miguel, 11 months, Nick said he and his wife, Miriam, had tried to follow Gina Ford’s bestseller The Contended Little Baby Book after the birth of their first son. However, he told The Sunday Times, “It was like following a sort of Ikea assembly instruction manual. It made us feel strangely passive as parents.”

Nick said he had finally lost patience when his wife suggested consulting the book when their son Antonio woke up in the middle of the night.

“I will never forget it – Miriam said to me, ‘What does the book say?’ I remember saying to her, ‘Okay, we have got to stop this. I have subcontracted my parental instincts to this book’.”


Gina Ford, whose regimented parenting techniques have divided opinion of the nation’s mums and dads, hit back saying parents were entitled to choose whichever style of parenting they liked but Nick had, “insulted the parenting choice of more than two million British voters.”


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