Light drinking might be safe for mums-to-be

New research suggests that drinking one unit a week won’t harm your baby


Drinking one or two units of alcohol in pregnancy doesn’t harm your baby, according to new research.


Scientists from University College London spoke with over 11,000 women about their drinking habits and their child’s behaviour until their child was 5.

The researchers discovered that women who drank lightly throughout pregnancy (one or two units a week) were actually 30% less likely to have children with social or emotional difficulties, compared to mums who didn’t drink at all during pregnancy.

Currently, the guidelines for drinking in pregnancy say mums-to-be should avoid alcohol completely.

“We’re not advocating that people change their behaviour and drink to improve their child’s health because that isn’t the message at all,” said Dr Yvonne Kelly, who led the study.

“After assessing the available evidence, we cannot say with confidence that drinking during pregnancy is safe and will not harm your baby,” a spokesman from the Department of Health said.

“Therefore, as a precautionary measure, our advice to pregnant women and women trying to conceive is to avoid alcohol.”


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