Lily Allen joins ‘Elf on the Shelf’ craze

Singer buys into new naughty-or-nice-watch Christmas tradition


It’s a US Christmas tradition that’s been gradually taking hold over here – and never more so that year, when even celebs such as Lily Allen are taking part. But what is Elf on the Shelf all about?


Well, the idea is that every year Santa sends out one of his Christmas elves to stay at your house and decide if your child has been naughty or nice. The elf sits on a shelf, keeps a beady eye and, every night, he reports back to Santa with his verdict of the day. On Christmas Eve, the elf disappears back to the North Pole, and then Santa can weigh up his elf’s naughty-or-nice reports and decide whether to pay your child a visit or not.

Lovers of Elf on the Shelf report that the little toy has the most amazing effect on their child’s behaviour in the days leading up to Christmas!

Lily Allen has posted a picture of her elf (get one just like it from for £24.95.) on her Instagram page, so it seems like she’s keen to keep her 2-year-old Ethel and 10-month-old Marnie on the nice list this year!

But what do you think of the tradition?

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