Lily Allen: “My miscarriage hell”

Singer talks about losing her baby and how she just wants someone to look after her

Popette Lily Allen has had a whirlwind few years, going from a Myspace hopeful to a best selling artist to the face of Chanel. However, for 24-year-old Lily her defining moment was when she lost her unborn baby two years ago.


Describing the last decade as “starting off really exciting, and then going horribly, horribly wrong,” the singer has decided to talk out about her sad miscarriage, which happened whilst she was in a relationship with Chemical Brothers musician, Ed Simons.

“I couldn’t even compute the emotions going through my head, but I was having to put out a press release about my miscarriage,” she told Grazia magazine. “I had this public sympathy about five days and then everyone was on my case again and I didn’t know what was happening to me.”

Despite her happy-go-lucky appeal, the Smile singer was crushed, especially as she had dreamed of having family since she was very young. “It hit me like a horse collapsing. The week before the due date, all I wanted to do was talk about my baby but I felt like I shouldn’t.”

The daughter of wild party man, Keith Allen, Lily vowed to give up her partying ways and has since moved on and is positive about the future, although the miscarriage is never far from her mind. “I still get sad. I still think. I don’t mark what would have been my baby’s birth but it’s always there. It changed a lot.”


Lily is now deliriously in love with her new beau, Sam Cooper who is planning to give up her music career for a few years to be a normal girl in love. “He’s told me he’ll look after me forever. That’s all I ever wanted. Someone to look after me.”

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