Lily Allen has slammed her way back into the spotlight with her new single Hard Out Here, after taking three years off to have children.


But talking to the Observer Magazine, Lily explains that her miscarriage six months into pregnancy in 2010 made her feel less vocal.

“I still think about it 25 times a day,” she says.

“Before… this, before what happened to Sam and I happened, I was quite vocal. I complained about a lot of things.I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to grieve with someone I loved. There are women who have to deal with this on their own, so even though it was tragic, I knew where I was in the world and the people who were important to me and what mattered, and what didn't. The thing I took away from this was that I couldn't believe I'd ever complained about anything ever before in my life. But, I'm almost ready to complain again now."

Lily also reveals that the Daily Mail were on the phone to her as soon as she gave birth to her first child Ethel Mary in 2011.

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"The placenta was still IN me,” she says.

Lily also explains that she her songs are different now she’s had a family.

She says: "Before I was married, my songs were directed at significant others. Now I couldn't be happier, so it's opened me up to write about more general stuff. There are a couple of songs to Sam, including one sexy one, about coming to terms with becoming sexual again after just being a baby-making vessel. But mainly they're funnier and happier – less lethargic, less teenage."

In her new video, Lily lies on a plastic surgeon's table having liposuction.

"How does a woman let herself get like this?" asks her American manager.

"Lack of self- discipline," says the surgeon.

"Uhhh… I've had two babies!" Lily replies.

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