Lily Allen’s “awkward” baby shopping trip

New mum Lily uncomfortable hearing her own song while browsing and isn’t impressed with her haul either


You know what it’s like when you’re busy shopping and your own song comes over the sound system…no we don’t either. But for Lily Allen she found the whole thing rather “awkward”.


Mum-of-one Lily, 26, now more often known as Lily Cooper, who was out shopping for 4 month old daughter Ethel Mary tweeted, “One of my songs is playing in mothercare #awkward #inthenappyaisle”. We wonder what song it was! Perhaps ‘Smile’ doesn’t quite sum up the nappy shopping experience?

The eventful trip seemed to initially amuse Lily, who spotted an inquisitive 6 year old doing a leapfrog into a pram.

But the whole thing seems to have been a disappointment for the retired popstar. Responding to Mothercare’s tweet asking if she’d found everything she wanted, disgruntled Lily wrote, “no actually, I need mits and you had none in stock. Also a sort of pillow / headrest for the rocker thingy”.

So, while Lilly might not like hearing her own songs we think Not Fair probably just about sums up her day!


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