Lily Allen’s pregnancy weight fears

Pop star is concerned she won’t be able to lose her pregnancy weight after giving birth

Mum-to-be Lily Allen has revealed that she’s worried about her losing her pregnancy weight in an interview with Grazia.


The singer, 25, is currently four months pregnant with her first child.

“I still think I’m fat,” Lily told Grazia.

“Right now I’m worrying about how I’m going to lose weight after the pregnancy.

“I feel like an elephant, but I do get the occasional sexy pregnant day where I think I look great.”

Lily also spoke about her career change, moving from singing to opening a fashion store, Lucy in Disguise.

“The idea was to get Lucy up and running and then get pregnant but it all happened at once.

“I can’t say this isn’t terrifying because I’m taking a massive risk. I’m turning away from something and focusing on Sam, my baby and my business but that’s what I want,” explained mum-to-be Lily.


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