Supermodel Lily Cole has had a little girl. And she's followed up on her unusual, low-key pregnancy announcement – an Instagrammed pic of a Post-it note scrawled with 'I am having a baby' – with an equally unusual babyname announcement.


Following the birth on Friday September 11th, the 27-year-old Vogue favourite has posted up a poem to tell us all her baby daughter's name. Which even by showbiz standards is a little different (correct us if we are wrong, but this is deffo the first high-profile babyname we've seen announced and celebrated in Shakespearean-stylee blank verse).

First, new-mum Lily shared a beautiful, beamingly natural Instagram pic of her with her tiny daughter in her arms, captioned 'me and my little girl', directing readers to her website for 'more'. She then posted a second pic of her baby clutching a tiny handful of her mum's famous Titian locks.

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Over on, the baby's name was revealed with a poetic flourish. Get a load of this:

Born on the hottest day



Witchcraft. Wilderness.

Love beyond doubt.

Love, a fact of life.

Without fear or choice.

Wylde Cole Ferreira.

We have a little girl –



That's one heck of an unusual name Lily – and partner Kwame Ferreira, 36 – have chosen there. Let's hope for their sake her beautiful little girl doesn't live up to it in her teenage years!

Picture: Lily Cole/Instagram

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