Lisa Osbourne’s 3am breastfeeding snack

Newborns can really play havoc with your eating habits…


It’s 3am and Lisa Osbourne’s up with 1-month-old Andy Rose for a feed, but her baby’s not the only one with hunger pangs. Mum needs a snack too!
“I’m awake so much in the night I get hungry ?,” she commented, sharing a picture of her snack. And while a peanut butter and jam sandwich is Lisa’s snack of choice, it seems she’s not the only one craving a sugar rush…


Yes I remember that hunger! Milo (an American hot chocolate) and a banana was my go to,” one fan commented. “I read this at 3am while eating my favourite snack rice crisps,” another added.

With all those late nights and early mornings, Lisa – who’s also mum to 3-year-old Pearl– has no doubt been feeling a bit frazzled.

But luckily her husband Jack was around this week to give her a 2-hour break. So what does the mum-of-2 do? Head straight to the salon for some pampering. Well, whatever makes you feel more human is time well spent!

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