Lisa Scott-Lee: “My size 8 jeans fitted three weeks after birth!”

New mum and ex Steps star shifts baby weight but insists she hasn’t dieted

Former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee has shown off her size 8 slim-line figure just three months after giving birth.


Lisa shed two stone of her baby weight within three weeks of the birth of her second baby, Star. But the singer, who revealed her svelte look in a nude photoshoot for Closer magazine, insists her trim look isn’t down to dieting. “People will assume I’ve crash dieted, but I really haven’t. It’s just the way I am and I know I’m extremely lucky. I also think it’s down to breastfeeding – it’s great for both mum and baby!”

Already mum to Jaden, 18 months, Lisa was surprised how lucky she was to slip back into her jeans so quickly. “They say you put on a lot more weight in the second pregnancy, but I still only gained about two stone.”

As well as breastfeeding, Lisa reveals one other post baby workout secret. “I’ve not done any sit-ups yet – you have to let your body settle,” she said. “But I put my exercise ball against a wall and kneel on it, using all my muscles to balance. It pulls in your stomach muscles, working core, bottom and thighs. It’s hard to find the time when you’re a new mum, but just a minute a day can really help to pull everything back in.”


And Lisa is refreshingly realistic about her post baby figure, saying, “I’ve still got a little tummy – I quite like it! It reminds me I’m a mum! I don’t want my body to get back to the toned size 6 I was in Steps. If I still looked like that, it would mean I didn’t have my two beautiful babies!”

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