Lisa Scott-Lee, former Steps singer, is mum to Jaden, 3, and Star-Lily, 18 months. MFM caught up with Lisa to chat about family, pop careers, getting into shape post-baby and a possible Steps reunion...


MFM: Have you taught your toddlers Jaden and Star-Lily any of your Steps dance moves yet?

LSL: "I’ve played them some of the music and I didn’t actually say what it was and they were dancing away, particularly Jaden. He’s so into singing and dancing and my husband Johnny keeps shaking his head saying ‘Here we go!’. I’m encouraging him, but Johnny wants him to become a lawyer."

MFM: Wouldn’t you be a tiny bit worried if your children wanted to enter the murky world of showbiz?

LSL: "I’d love it. I wouldn’t be worried because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and would do it all over again. But I think Johnny’s a bit more sensible because he was a backing dancer for years, so he saw the other side of it before he went into Hear’Say."

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MFM: Do you still see any of your old bandmates from Steps?

LSL: "We’re still all really good friends – not because we have to be, but because we’ve been through a lot together and had a fantastic experience in Steps. We often have get-togethers and have a good old laugh about what we wore and our hairstyles. And between us we’ve got five babies under 5, so it’s lovely to see the children play together."

MFM: Are the rumours that Steps are reforming in September true?

LSL: "The rumours are true in that we’ve had some really nice offers, but we’ve had offers ever since we split really. But it’s never been the right time for any of us because we wanted to do our own thing. We did always say if we ever got back together it would be to mark the 10th anniversary, so maybe we’ll do a one-off thing."

MFM: Your 10th anniversary will be around Christmas time, so perhaps we’ll see a Christmas No. 1 from Steps?

LSL: (Laughs) "I’m not sure about that! We’ve had some nice offers and we talk about them from time to time and have a laugh about whether we should do it one day."

MFM: You recreated Demi Moore’s iconic Vanity Fair pose when you were eight months pregnant with Star-Lily. Have you always been so body confident?

LSL: "I guess I’ve always been fairly confident because I’ve always been a dancer. To be truthful, I did it for my husband. It's a nice thing to keep, but we don’t have it up at home – I’m not the kind of person to put it above the fireplace!"

MFM: You stripped off again a couple of weeks after having Star-Lily, so what are your top tips for getting back into shape after having a baby?

LSL: "I breastfed both my babies so, for me, it was about being healthy so that I could provide for my baby. I didn’t do any sort of crash diet. I don’t even like the word diet because I just crave the foods I’m not supposed to be having. I don’t go to the gym but every time I have my shower, I put my towel on the floor and do 100 sit-ups. It sounds like a lot but it takes me about 5 minutes and helps to keep my tummy toned."

MFM: Do you think there’s too much pressure on celebs to get their pre-baby body back quickly?

LSL: "I do feel there’s pressure on celebrities to lose their baby weight and I think that women also feel that they have to do the same. It’s not very healthy. I think everyone should just take a step back and concentrate on themselves and be happy within their own skin."

MFM: You’re fronting the HUGGIES Little Swimmers Swim Buddy campaign to encourage more parents to go swimming with their little ones. Why is swimming so important to you as a family?

LSL: "I did a lot of swimming throughout my pregnancy to keep fit and I had two water births, so they’ve always been water babies! We actually live in Dubai now, so we go swimming every other day. It’s a lot of fun and it’s good to get out and meet other mums and dads and babies."

This week (June 20-26) is National Baby Swimming Week. For advice on baby swimming and to find your nearest baby-friendly approved pool visit Huggies Little Swimmers' Swim Buddy site. You can also search for local baby and toddler swim groups in your neighbourhood on MFM.