Little girl behaves like Jekyll and Hyde

Nine-year-old girl suffers from a rare genetic disorder that leaves her with a split personality


Nine year olds can be a handful at the best of times, but Grace Fishwick has a rare genetic disorder that makes her switch from being a quiet and loving child to a violent one, reports the Daily Mail.


Grace’s behaviour is like the real life Jekyll and Hyde as she can be quiet and playful one minute, but several times a day she will have violent outbursts that will see her lash out at her family and even herself.

The chromosomal disorder, called Smith-Magenis syndrome is extremely rare and affects 1 in 25,000 children worldwide.  The underlying cause is the missing part of chromosome 17.

The condition affects many parts of the body and the major features of the disorder are distinctive facial features, disturbed sleep patterns and behavioural problems.

“She can’t control what she’s doing,” said adopted mum Lisa.

Grace has tantrums so bad, her parents had to pad her bedroom so she doesn’t injure herself.  Lisa also says Grace’s tantrums can last anywhere from ten minutes to three hours.

‘It’s devastating to watch her self-harming and knowing there’s nothing you can do,” said Lisa.

Mum Lisa, a special needs teacher has since become the head of the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Foundation that helps bring parents and sufferers together.


Many toddlers go through the terrible twos stage but spare a thought for Grace and her family living day to day with the condition.

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